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7-28 Oct 2023

Billie Brown Theatre

Queensland Theatre

Welcome to Appleton, a tidy country town with a population of 1557. Stop in at the pub in the arvo, try your luck with the pokies and why not stay for the annual Potato Race?

It’s the highlight of the year. Only this year Dr Penny Anderson is back home in Appleton, and she has a question. Why should the prize money for the race be more for the men than for the women?

Cousin Nikki thinks Penny is up herself. Long-time resident Barb is up for a change but her friend Bev isn’t a fan of the tree-changers and their woke ways. Can they work together to smash through the glass ceiling, one potato sack at a time?

Playwright Melanie Tait takes real-life events and brings us a warm comedy showing the world that there’s more than one way to win a race.

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