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26-29 May 2021

QPAC Playhouse, South Brisbane

Australasian Dance Collective

Join the Australasian Dance Collective for the highly anticipated Australian premiere of THREE stunning performances by renowned choreographers Jack Lister, Melanie Lane, and Hofesh Schechter.

Experience a powerful fusion of dance and visual artwork inspired by the 16th and 17th century Memento Mori movement, through an exploration of our mortality and relationship with time in Lister’s Still Life. Explore “otherness” through a blend of elegance, edge, and physicality in Lane’s Alterum which is inspired by ancient and current mythologies. Witness an instinctive and raw production of Shechter’s Cult, taking a dark look at the powers that steer society today.

This three-day event is a must-see production, showcasing a combination of Australian and international choreographic voices.

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