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4-18 Nov 2023

Playhouse, QPAC

Queensland Theatre

Saigon has fallen. Helicopter pilot Quang and strong-willed Tong have both narrowly escaped the end of the Vietnam War and find themselves in a new and deeply strange country.

Thrown together in the arrival camp in Arkansas, they must navigate a mystifying dust land of rednecks, bikers, hippies and cowboys. Tong wants to make a fresh start in the land of opportunity, while Quang wants to get home. But what if the spark growing between them was to ignite?

With its in-your-face ninja action and pulse-pounding hip-hop music, playwright Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone is an inventive and genre-bending live-action theatrical cartoon — an irreverent, pulp fiction-style take on the love story that may (or may not) have led to his own birth.

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